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Brat Pack: all of my released Bratty/Tsundere audios!


Ask anyone what RubyStrix is known for and they'll tell you- it's tsunderes!

Enjoy 5 full length audios, plus one bonus download of my incredible, sexy, club brat audio! Packed to the brim with all kinds of tsunderes- traditional, blushing tsunderes, haughty hime-deres, slutty brats and more!

Can you get them to show their soft sides? Or is it too much for you..

A Different Kind of Tutoring

[fsub][bratty/tsundere] but actually [sweet][innocent][blowjob][creampie][breeding][friends to lovers][handholding]

Yes Princess..

[tsundere][haughty][modern-ish][bossy but actually kind of shy][instructing/asking for what she wants][eating out][missionary/legs over shoulders][creampie][sweet][romantic][emotional][l-bombs]

Tsundere Fox Girl Becomes your Anal Slut!

[anal][anal plug][anal training][double penetration][anal creampie][begging][loud moans][wet noises][breaking a tsundere][bratty becomes needy][shy/embarrassed][tsundere becomes cute][dirty talk][self degradation][im your little slut~!][begging you to cum]

Your BFF is a Tsundere Nympho Demon Girl

fsub | monster girl | demon girl | begging | cuddles | creampie | spanking her | pulling her hair | exhibitionism | bj | facefuck | cum on her face | risky | tsundere | bratty fsub | friends to lovers |

Leaving your Brat Home Alone

[bratty][fsub][voicemail-type audio][self care][making herself cum for you][how long can she last?][teasing][self imposed post orgasm torture][begging][lots of moaning][heavy breaths][L-bomb]

Bonus Audio!
Aggressive Club Brat Takes an Interest in You

🎙️✒️🎧 RubyVoxx
some audios contain SFX by BoshidaBlasta
thumbnail contains art by BigBossRequiem TomatoPhagia & DDNZerd

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Last updated Jul 3, 2023

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12+ minutes

Brat Pack: all of my released Bratty/Tsundere audios!

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